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ShenZhen Chengen Enterprise Management Consulting(CN-Consulting) Co., Ltd. is a Professional management-consulting company focused on helping customers:

·         Build an active operational system to improve efficiency and reduce costs

·               Establish its product edge and superiority to stake its market reputation over the long term

·               Overcome typical Chinese human weakness and unify team goals

·               Allocate resource precisely

·               Assess job responsibilities for accurate remuneration system

·               Build simple and effective performance appraisal system

·               Enhance leadership and management execution

·               Build Corporate culture

·               Achieve LEAN production

·               Build enterprise marketing system

·               ISO Certified

·               Build strategic management system

·               APQP, SPC, PPAP, MSA, FMEA, CONTROL PLAN, 5SProject Management, Purchasing Strategy ,Error-proof method etc. training courses.



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