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ShenZhen Trainsean Enterprise Management Consulting(Trainsean Consulting) Co., Ltd. is a Professional management-consulting company focused on helping customers:
• Build an active operational system to improve efficiency and reduce costs
• Establish its product edge and superiority to stake its market reputation over the long term
• Overcome typical Chinese human weakness and unify team goals
• Allocate resource precisely
• Assess job responsibilities for accurate remuneration system
• Build simple and effective performance appraisal system
• Enhance leadership and management execution
• Build Corporate culture
• Achieve LEAN production
• Build enterprise marketing system
• ISO Certified
• Build strategic management system
• APQP, SPC, PPAP, MSA, FMEA, CONTROL PLAN, 5S,Project Management, Purchasing Strategy ,Error-proof method etc. training courses.

After more than twenty years of lean manufacturing experience and standardization in hundreds of companies from Japan, the United States, Germany and China, Mr. Fu Zengyu, the founder of Trainsean Consulting, has found out the secret of the success and failure of the most Chinese companies and established a Qin Jian management.
Qin Jian management is committed to overcome typical Chinese human weakness (ie, personal heroism, lack of honest and trust, not rule follower, greedy and vanity), use active operations to inspire teamwork at the greatest extent.
Qin Jian management helps company to effectively understand the essence of lean manufacturing and standardization, keep its product edge, allocate resources, assess value stream and implement responsibilities and performance appraisal, etc., to unify team goal, simplify process, release energy to significantly improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and strengthen competitiveness.
Vision: We help companies eliminate Chinese style waste
Mission: We help company keep its product edge and superiority, improve efficiency, reduce costs, strengthen competitive
For Customer:
A close relationship with customer, analyze, predict and provide the solutions to management, with comprehensive recommendations
For Staff:
A happy atmosphere, share each added value
For Partners: Mutual benefit

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